HIV Stigma and Discrimination: Juno's Story

Juno Roche is a 52-year-old transgender woman living with HIV. Sophie, Juno’s friend, also has HIV.

Juno’s diagnosis made her want to grab life with both hands, and she has since emerged as a passionate activist for transgender rights and HIV awareness in the trans community. From discussing her HIV treatments based on their effect on her hormonal therapy, to rallying against stigma, Juno has battled the status quo and challenged HIV discrimination. She recalls the early years of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s before the virus was identified and effective therapies were available. Since then, Juno has witnessed remarkable improvements in the treatments available for HIV.

Sophie recounts how she was empowered by her HIV doctor to get involved in her treatment and discusses with Juno how she manages the stigma of HIV. Together, they strongly believe that ‘knowledge is power’ when it comes to living well with HIV and finding the right antiretroviral treatment (ART). For them both, becoming highly educated about their medicines has been key to sticking to their treatment.

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