HIV Treatment Tips: Samantha's Story

Managing treatment isn’t always easy, and life can sometimes get in the way. Take a look at Samantha’s top tips for how you can make things easier for yourself and get the most out of appointments with your healthcare team.

  1. Use a pill box. It may seem old and boring, but once you get into the habit of refilling it as part of a routine (we all have some sort of routine), it helps with not having to scrabble around looking for tablets. It also helps you see whether you have taken your medicine or not (so there’s no risk of taking two doses). Additionally, a pill box doesn’t need to be boring. You can get some great ones and some even have built in alarms.
  2. Don’t suffer in silence. If you think that you are experiencing side effects, keep a written diary of what is happening. Hospital appointments are very fast, so having side effects written down is far better than trying to recall them, and you are more likely to remember with a visible reminder. How many times have you come out of an appointment and forgotten what you wanted to say?
  3. Alarms. Most people have something that they can set an alarm on, even the most basic mobile phones have some sort of alarm. Setting an alarm as a reminder can help even the most forgetful of people. It doesn’t need to be intrusive, I would be lost without mine.

Make a note of Samantha’s top tips to help with managing your HIV treatment regimen. You can also read through more top tips, covering topics such as telling others and starting treatment.

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