HIV Treatment: Sarah's Story

Sarah Bisholo is a 58-year-old woman living with HIV, originally from Cape Town. Diagnosed with HIV in 2001, Sarah also takes medicines for asthma, high cholesterol levels, osteoporosis and depression. This means that keeping on top of her long-term health and wellbeing can be an ongoing challenge.

Sarah’s HIV treatment allowed her viral load to reach an undetectable level. However, Sarah and her doctor continue to be challenged by how her other medications may interact with her antiretroviral therapy (ART) and the way these can make her feel mentally and physically. Choosing the right medicines for Sarah is an important part of her life so, together with her doctor, she looks for new ways to tailor her HIV treatment to her needs.

Sarah has recently changed medication and believes that this has been a positive step for her. She has open conversations with her doctors about how her HIV treatment makes her feel. This, combined with the loving support of her friend Arjun Tamang, has given Sarah the ability to live with HIV and no longer consider it the end of the world.

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